The 5 most exciting games on the NBA schedule (according to Ryan)

The 2016-2017 NBA schedule officially came out yesterday, and we are now only 2.5 months away from real basketball being played (crazy right!?).

Here are the 5 games I’m most excited about watching this year:

October 26 – Thunder @ Sixers

On the first day of the season with a full slate of games, this one intrigues me the most. I can’t wait to watch Russell Westbrook tear up the NBA this year, and the Sixers will be a fun team to watch this year (whether they’re good or they crash and burn).

November 2 – Lakers @ Hawks

I know Ingram’s debut will come a week earlier and we’ll have already seen a few games with this young core all together, but I’m most excited to watch them in person. Wearing purple. With Jay by my side.

December 25 – Warriors @ Cavs

This one is obvious. LeBron protecting his home court against the dream team.

February 11 – Warriors at Thunder

This game with the same rosters as last year would be an amazing watch. But the fact that Durant left for the hated Warriors makes this game, his first back in OKC, must-see TV.

April 4 – T-Wolves @ Warriors

Minnesota is going to be a damn fun team to watch this year. Outside of the Lakers, I might be the most excited about watching how this team comes together. We’ll know a lot about them by the last week of the season and this game could be really fun; especially after the T-Wolves won in Oakland last season.


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