Wilco Wednesday: New Wilco Comin’

You may have been feeling gloomy recently.  It’s the dog days of summer, it’s 10,000 degrees every day.  Our country seems to be falling apart.  Taylor and Kanye are fighting.  BUT we have good news for you


Wilco have announced that their new album “Schmilco” will be available on Sep 9.  They’ve released 2 new songs “Locator” and “If I Ever Was a Child” to tie us over until September.

The new material sounds like it’s in the same vein as Star Wars, combining early 70s country and rock with fuzzy Pavement-style guitars.  Which is fine by me, as someone who loves early 70s music and Pavement.  Wilco have found a nice middle ground between the music my parents made me listen to as a kid, and the weird, experimental, noise rock that I started listening to high school.  Now, we can sit here all day and debate whether calling the album “Schmilco” is a good idea.  It’s kind of like when “Wilco (the album)” arrived featuring “Wilco (the song)” and we all wondered if Wilco was the new Bad Company.  But Wilco have made it pretty clear throughout their entire career that they are just fine with doing whatever they want.  They’re old, and they don’t really care about being cool.

So put on a plaid button down, a cowboy hat, and crank that Locator!  Let’s all start counting down the days until September.

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