KD to the Warriors – It’s happening

We’ll have actual analysis up later this week.  But first, here are some quick reactions.

  • This is why I don’t gamble.  I’d have bet my house that KD was going back to OKC.
  • In a gym somewhere, Russell Westbrook is raging
  • What happens when you add an MVP to a 73 win team?  Does the universe implode?
  • Remember when Harry Barnes went 0-11?  Put Durant in that spot…
  • Don’t worry Spurs fans, Pop has already thought out this contingency like a general preparing for war
  • Chris Paul falls to his knees, shakes his fists at the sky in anger and screams “Whhyyyyyy???”
  • New small ball lineup of death: Steph, Klay, Iggy, KD, Draymond
    • When those 5 come out onto the court do teams just surrender?
  • “It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of this signing” – Ryan, mildly delirious after running the Peachtree
  • Good thing LeBron got Cleveland a ring when he did…
  • Now would be a good time for teams to rebuild, because nothing matters anymore
  • Under Armour and Nike together.  It’s a brave new world
  • How do you look your former teammates in the eye after you just fought a 7 game series war together, then leave them and go to the team that beat you?
  • Does this make the Decision look better?  Wade was a top 10 player at that time and Bosh was a generic All-star.  Steph is the MVP, Klay is the best 2 guard and Draymond is Draymond.  If we killed (and we did kill) LeBron for going to Miami, we now have to kill KD for going to GSW.
  • I don’t like this.  I don’t like this at all.
  • Congrats Mavs!  You get Harrison Barnes!
  • Take a moment to remember all the people who said Steve Kerr should’ve gone to the Knicks
  • Westbrook season approachin’!!!
  • How in God’s name does this happen?
  • If all you value as a player is winning titles (which is what we claim we want all our players to care about) this is ultimate example of that
  • In a top secret government bunker somewhere, Russell Westbrook agrees to be injected with the Captain America super soldier serum.  Comes out 8 feet tall and jacked, ready to destroy whoever stands in his way.

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