The Next Steps in the Kings Experiment

Earlier this year, I wrote about how the Kings should ignore all conventional wisdom.  The point was that as teams begin to over-value a Spurs/Warriors model (i.e. lots of shooters, chemistry, pace, spacing, team work, etc.) the Kings could succeed by going in the opposite direction.  After last week’s draft, it seems as though they read our blog!  Drafting a Greek center on a team in desperate need of shooting doesn’t make a lot of sense.  But then again, bringing in Dave Joerger on a team that desperately needs shooting doesn’t make a ton of sense either.  If we’ve learned anything from the last few years, its that we are living in the golden age of shooting.  Even Cleveland succeeded this year by allowing LeBron to drive and kick to shooters, and they’re the freaking champions.  But as I said last time: zig when others zag.  The league is in love with the 3 pt line, so naturally, the beyond brilliant Kings are going the opposite way.  The Kings are on their way, but I’d like to help them make sure they get there.  Here are my humble suggestions for the future of the Kings.

  1. Trade anyone on your team who is a shooting guard or small forward in order to bring in Josh Smith.  Don’t ask questions.  Just do it.
  2. Sign Dwight Howard at all costs.  Bankrupt the team if you have to.
  3. Sign Rondo to a max contract.  You know I’m right here, don’t argue with me.
  4. Ask Skal how he would feel about running the point.
  5. You can now run a team with Rondo at the point, Josh Smith at the 2, Boogie at the 3, Willie Cauley-Stein at 4, and Dwight/Georgio-I’m-not-going-to-take-the-time-to-look-up-how-to-spell-his-name at the 5.
  6. But wait!  Because we’re not done!  I want to see a team with Skal at the point and Boogie, WCS, Dwight, and Georgio Papa John on the floor!  It’s going to take some time, because Skal isn’t a point guard and that lineup makes no sense, but you need to spend most of summer league on this.  This is your future Kings.
  7. Spend summer league experimenting with taking as many shots close to the basket as possible.  Fine players for shooting outside of 6 feet.  Except Josh Smith, let Josh shoot wherever he wants because he’s not making any of them.  And Rondo, let Rondo shoot as much as he wants.
  8. The goal for this team should be to win at least 1 game without attempting a 3pt shot.  Do not give up on the #process.  Continue to identify the worst shooters in the NBA and give them contracts.
  9. Let.  Boogie.  Run.  The.  Point.
  10. At some point, a fist fight will break out between 2 or 10 of your players.  Consider this the cost of doing business.
  11. Joerger and his coaching staff will begin to question your sanity.  Hold tight.  If you keep to the #process long enough, Joerger will either come around or lose his sanity.  Both scenarios are fine.
  12. I’ve got 4 words for you: Dwight Howard – Shooting Guard.
  13. Brooklyn will probably be willing to trade Brook Lopez for some first round picks.  Make the call.
  14. Win the NBA title.

No one said this would be easy.  No one said it would be glamorous.  But it will work.  You’re halfway there Kings.  Now put your foot on the floor and let’s get this done!

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