Random numbers: NBA Finals edition

29.7, 8.9, 11.3, 2.6, 2.3: LeBron James points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks averages for this year’s Finals. Those numbers shouldn’t be real. I don’t think any player has ever dominated a Finals on both sides of the ball as much as LeBron in 2016.

+19: Kevin Love’s had by far the best +/- of anybody on the floor last night. Kyrie was the next best at +10. LeBron was +4. The worst? Klay Thompson at -11; he was just awful. Oh and Verajao was -9 in just 8 minutes of action; he was even awfuler.

10/30/2015: The day I made the LeBron James kid the ringtone on my phone. The Cavs are the only team to win a championship since then. You’re welcome, Cleveland.

0: The number of people who did not vote for LeBron James to win NBA Finals MVP. Also the number of people who did not vote for Steph Curry to win NBA MVP. What a dominant season by two superstars.

2: LeBron James is now only the second player ever to win Finals MVP with multiple teams.

88: The Warriors end the season with 88 combined wins between the regular season and playoffs, an all-time record. However, we all know they’d only be tied for that record if the first round was best-of-7 in 1996.

112-95: On March 6th, in perhaps the biggest upset of the year, the Lakers beat the Warriors in Los Angeles. And let’s be honest; there’s no way a team that lost to the Lakers this year could win the NBA Championship.

3: Days until the NBA Draft.

What a great 2016. Thanks to the Warriors for making it so fun for us here at California Stars. And here’s to the Lakers (and Kings) being back in the mix sooner than later. This offseason is going to a fun one. Buckle up.

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