No hot takes here

Everybody has an opinion about everything. And those opinions change at the drop of a hat. And because of the era that we live in, and the ease in which messages are broadcast over the internet and social media sites, everybody likes to let you know of those opinions. If you just search #NBAFinals on Twitter, you can literally find thousands of different opinions from thousands of different people. Professional journalists and average joes all have a platform. Hot takes everywhere.

This has no doubt been a weird series. But it wouldn’t be fair to make conclusions before the series is over. These teams have fought too hard over a long regular season and grueling playoff runs for us to do that.

So instead of giving you another hot sports opinion, I’ll give you a fact: The post-game interview with Craig Sager and LeBron James was magical. LeBron coming off back-to-back legendary performances and Craig Sager, battling leukemia, on the brink of retiring, covering his first ever NBA Finals game. It was perfect.

You can watch the whole clip here, but here’s a sample.


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