The real reasons Draymond is suspended

Beside Kevin Hart being mad at him, here are the real reasons D-R-A-Y-mond is suspended for game 5 of the NBA Finals.


1. Higher ratings for game 5 and more money.

2. Better chance of a game 6 and a game 7 and more money.

3 (the realest reason). The NBA hates Draymond. They hate how he plays. They hate how loud he is. When the Warriors win game 5 and clinch the title, it’s now pretty much guaranteed he won’t win Finals MVP. And he should have won Finals MVP.

4. This is a continuation of number 3. The league really wants Steph to win Finals MVP. That’s just one more place for them to put the face of the NBA. They like the exposure and attention that Curry brings. Kids love him and try to play like him. The NBA needs Steph to be in as many places and win as many things as possible.


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