What is happening?  Seriously, what is happening?  OKC beat the Warriors 118 – 94 last night and took a 3-1 series lead.  THAT PREVIOUS SENTENCE IS 100% ACCURATE!  WE FACT CHECKED IT WITH MULTIPLE SOURCES!

Earlier this year I wrote that the Warriors would never lose.  And now they’re 1 loss away from losing the Western Conference Finals, being out of the playoffs, and NOT winning a second title.  Even stranger, take a look at these stats:

I know right?  That makes no sense.  But wait!  Because it gets even weirder:

We built this website on certain principles.  One of those principles is that Wilco is best rock band alive.  One of the others is that the small ball lineup of death is unstoppable.  How on earth can it be -35.3 per 100?  How is Steph Curry THE FIRST EVER UNANIMOUS MVP -12.4?  Is math broken?

There are of course a number of things that could be causing this anomaly.  Such as:

  1. Steph is actually hurt
  2. OKC might just be really good
  3. Voodoo
  4. Draymond has had a terrible series, coupled with an injury to Curry their offense is starting to bog down
  5. These are not actually the Warriors, they are imposters and the real Golden State Warriors are locked in a room somewhere waiting for us to save them
  6. The physical and mental exhaustion of winning 73 games is finally starting to take its toll
  7. There has been a tear in the space-time continuum and all the laws of logic we know are suddenly no longer applicable
  8. This is the apocalypse
  9. Steph and Draymond got drunk one night and peed on an ancient Indian burial ground, and now the spirits of the dead have cursed taking away their basketball skills
  10. I am actually dreaming

While each of those things seems to make sense, the reality is that none of them make sense.  Unless, maybe… just maybe, the Warriors are setting the stage for the single greatest comeback of all time.  That would be easier to believe if last night wasn’t the first time all season Steph didn’t tweet “Lock in!” before the game.  That worries me.  It feels like this series is slipping away and now we have to tell our children that we don’t know what to believe anymore.

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