This is gonna be fun

I have watched thousands of NBA games in my life and my favorite (not involving the Lakers) happened this year. It was February 27th in Oklahoma City and it’s one of those moments in my life that I’ll always remember where I was watching. Hell, it’s the reason we got the motivation and inspiration to start this whole blog which was launched just two days later. The Warriors were 52-5 and rolling in to wrap up a long seven game road trip. The Thunder were up for the challenge and came out strong, taking huge leads in both halves. But then we all remember what happened. The Dubs came storming back, Stephen Curry went nuts. And I mean nuts even for Steph Curry. Then to overtime and on to the famous game winning 37-footer. 53-5 and on their way to a record 73 wins.


Fast forward to the present. The Thunder are rolling, coming off an upset of a San Antonio team that won 67 games in the regular season. Westbrook and Durant are on an absolute tear and the team’s confidence couldn’t be higher. But the Warriors are healthy again and hungry for another title. Steph is still doing Steph things and the whole team is confident and cocky and ready to show the world why they are the champs. Buckle up; these Western Conference Finals are gonna be fun.

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