Steph Curry is the NBA’s first Unanimous MVP. Wait, what?

Congrats to Steph Curry on winning back to back MVPs and being the first player to be a unanimous MVP.  A few things come to mind when hearing this news:

  1.  This is beyond well deserved.  The Warriors won 73 games, Steph shot .454 from 3, and hit .908 of his free throws.  His PER was the 8th highest ever at 31.5 and his true shooting percentage was a staggering .669.  Oh yeah, and he made 402 3 pointers!!!!!!  No matter how you look at the MVP (team impact, individual stats, VORP, etc.) Steph is the mvp.  There can literally be no debate about this.
  2. Wait, how has this never happened before??  There has seriously never been another unanimous MVP?  Who the hell voted against Jordan in 1996?  Who was the guy who thought, ‘ya know, Larry Bird’s 1985 season wasn’t that great.”  How was voting against Kareem in 1980?  Or Magic in 86?  LeBron has won the MVP 4 times, you mean to tell me that 4 times, someone thought “LeBron isn’t that great”.  Who are you people?
  3. I guarantee, that when he found out the news about Steph, LeBron punched through a wall.  He’s probably in a gym right now, shooting 3 pointers and yelling at Kyrie that they have to be better.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him right now because there’s no telling how angry he is.
  4. Get ready for every old school player to come out and crap all over Steph.  It’s fine, old guys get cranky, and they had to put up with a lot more crap (racism, bad hotels, long bus rides, racism, bad team doctors, racism) than anybody in the NBA today has to.  They also played in a time where if there was a young player like Steph (small, perimeter shooter) they’d just hit him over and over again until they broke his body or his will to live.  It’s hard for those guys to fathom what Steph is doing and why every other team isn’t just abusing him until loses all hope.  I don’t blame those guys for being cranky, even if I disagree with them.
  5. 402!  He hit 402, 3s!  What?
  6. Seriously, how has this never happened before?  This isn’t that hard.  I realize you can make an argument for a few players every year, but come on.

Congrats again to Steph.  It is well deserved.  I look forward the Warriors raining down holy hellfire in a barrage of 3 pt shots and crushing every team in their path.

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