LUKE: Welcome back to L.A.

I was dancing the night away at a wedding Friday night when I got the text that I had been waiting for. It was only one word, but it came with the excitement that ten thousand words couldn’t express. “LUKE!” was all my mother had to say.

As a lifelong Arizona Wildcat basketball and Los Angeles Lakers fan, I can’t think of anything better than this. I will always remember where I was when the Lakers drafted Luke (in a casino restaurant in Laughlin, Nevada), and for almost half of my life I got to watch him play for my favorite college and pro teams. Now I get to watch him rebuild the Lakers in the post-Kobe era, and I couldn’t be more excited.

On a non-personal level, I truly believe this is a great hire. All he has done at any level is win, and he will bring that experience and mentality to a franchise that needs to remember how to do that. Coach Walton will excite the players, the fan base, and most importantly the free agent pool for the next few years. Hell, maybe we can even get Bill Walton to be a Lakers fan.

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