Who will be the Lakers next coach?

The Byron Scott (coaching) era has come to an end in Los Angeles as the Lakers have decided not to pick up the team option for next season. In his two seasons at the helm, the Lakers compiled a 38-126 record. To put that into perspective, Phil Jackson only lost 292 games in his eleven years as head coach of the Lakers. Oh, and Byron Scott only lost 255 games in 11 seasons as a player for the Lakers. So yeah, the last two years have been bad to say the least.

This change had to be made. The players didn’t love him. It didn’t seem like he knew how to handle any of the young stars. And honestly, I don’t think any big name free agents were going to want to play for him, and that by itself is reason enough to cut ties. Now that this era of Lakers basketball is over, let’s look at some choices for Scott’s replacement. Who will be the coach to lead the team into a post-Kobe world:

1. Luke Walton

This may seem like the obvious choice mainly because it is. He played for the Lakers, players love him, he knows what he’s doing, he spent half of this past season coaching the best team in the world. Oh, and if Phil Jackson does eventually head back to LA in some capacity (which I believe the rumors that he will), Walton already knows the ins and outs of what he will want with the team. He has already reportedly turned down a couple offers so it appears he is being picky until the right job comes around, and I believe this is the right job. He will have the support of the city, the support of the front office, and the support of current and future players.

2. Honestly, Luke Walton should be the only option.



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