Jeff Tweedy the fanboy

For today’s edition of Wilco Wednesday, I just feel like sharing this post about Jeff Tweedy. Just a shy boy wanting to meet one of his heroes. Shows that even geniuses are fans of other geniuses.

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Everyone has a #BonnaYOU story. This is legendary music photographer Danny Clinch’s. "I have many favorite Bonnaroo moments, but this one is pretty good. I was the only photographer allowed to shoot the Bob Dylan performance and I even had a conversation with Mr. Dylan before his set. Afterwards, as Dylan was walking to his tour bus, he saw me and walked over to me and asked, 'How did it go?' As I was answering him, Dave Matthews walked up and said hello and began talking with Dylan, so of course I stepped back to take a photograph of them while they were talking. At that point I felt someone tugging on my sleeve, and it was Jeff Tweedy. He whispered to me, 'Hey maybe you could get a shot of me with Dylan?' I then introduced the two of them and grabbed this photograph." – @dannybones64 #bonnaroo #bobdylan #davematthews #jefftweedy #dannyclinch

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