NBA Jersey Ads

Last week, the NBA owners voted to allow advertisements on player jerseys. A three year pilot program starting in 2017 will place 2.5 inch square patches on the front side. Teams will be tasked with selling the ad space and will share half of the money with the league’s revenue sharing pool. I love this idea and think the more money floating around the NBA the better the product. With that in mind, let’s take a look at who our California teams should consider partnering with.

Los Angeles Lakers


No brand is associated more with the Hollywood partying lifestyle than Playboy. And throughout history, no team has taken on the culture of Hollywood more than our Showtime Lakers. This partnership is a no-brainer.

Other possibilities: Disney, Paramount Pictures, Kobe, Pacific Ocean

Golden State Warriors


There’s no doubt that Under Armour’s endorsement department has exceeded expectations the past few years. With a roster that includes MVPs from the three major American sports, no UA athlete has done more for their brand than Steph Curry. I know Adidas is the current apparel sponsor of the NBA, so this may be a conflict of interest. But how cool would it be to see this logo right next to the Adidas logo since nobody likes Adidas anyways.

Other possibilities: Google, Anta, City of San Francisco, Alcatraz

Sacramento Kings


The Kings have been rumored to be moving for years. The City of Sacramento has never really appreciated them and Seattle has been dying for a team ever since the Sonics left. No better way to continue the selling process with the Kings than to throw a bunch of money at them and maybe gain a little influence.

Other possibilities: I honestly can’t think of anything related to Sacramento

Los Angeles Clippers


I know the Clippers have the upper hand right now, but let’s face it, the Lakers own Los Angeles and the Clippers. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1984, the Clippers have a .398 winning percentage, 9 playoff appearances, and only 4 playoff series wins. In that same time, the Lakers have a .612 winning percentage, 27 playoff appearances, and 8 World Championships. When Doc Rivers came to LA, he decided to cover up the Lakers banners during Clipper home games at the Staples Center. You can never cover up the facts, and now the Clippers won’t be able to cover up this logo.

Other possibilities: Microsoft, Warner Brothers, La Brea Tar Pits



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