Dwight Howard got caught using Stickum

This blog is many things.  An informational blog about NBA teams from the state of California.  A not-so-subtle love letter to Steph Curry.  A way for 2 friends to waste time.  But it is above all a way to make fun of former Laker, Dwight Howard.

During Saturday night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, Paul Milsap was shooting free throws.  After the first shot, Dwight took the ball over to the sidelines for a minute, and returned it to the ref.  As Milsap went to shoot, he noticed that the ball was now sticky.  He complained to the refs, who switched it out for a different ball, and warned Dwight and the Rockets that Stickum is illegal in the NBA.  A complete breakdown of the incident, including the video can be found here.

So, a couple of things here.  First, a sticky ball doesn’t help anyone.  There’s no way you could ever get an advantage by having the ball stick to your hands.  Second, because this is basketball, and both teams use the same ball, any advantage you got would be shared by the other team.  There is literally no reason to do this.  It doesn’t help you.  It is illegal.  It doesn’t hurt the other team.  It is a completely useless thing to do.

So OF COURSE Dwight Howard did it.  Was it a prank?  Did he do it just to piss off Paul Milsap?  Did Dwight really think that spraying an adhesive all over the ball would give him some sort of advantage?  If the answer to any of these questions was yes, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Dwight claims “I don’t know why people are making a big deal out of it. I do it every game. It’s not a big deal. I ain’t tripping.” But he is tripping.  First, there’s no way he does this every game.  It’s impossible that the entire NBA is like “Yeah, Dwight sprays stickum on the ball.  It’s not a big deal.  It’s just one of those annoying things about playing the Rockets.”  Milsap is a no-nonsense guy, but he’s not the only one in the league.  Do you really think Kobe wouldn’t stop play and demand a new ball?

It’s most likely that Dwight simply puts the stickum on his hands, and that he over did it, covering the ball.  Here’s the thing though, DWIGHTS HANDS ARE  HUGE!  Why in God’s name does he need them to be sticky?  It’s not like he can’t easily palm the ball.  Or he struggles with his grip.  When you’re a 7 foot beast of a human, you don’t need your hands to be sticky.  Also, wouldn’t that mess up your shot?  Granted most of Dwight’s shots are from 2 feet out, but still, it would be difficult to have a nice clean release on a ball when your hands are covered in super glue.

Like most things Rockets related, this makes no sense.  It doesn’t help them.  It doesn’t hurt the other team.  It’s just annoying.  The refs have to stop the game, Coach Bud has to yell at people, a new ball has to be put in play, and the Rockets still lost by 12.  It’s frustrating too because Dwight is shooting .505 per 36 at the free throw line.  That’s beyond atrocious.  He doesn’t need sticky hands.  He needs to be able to make a free throw.  Remember when Dwight was one of the 10 best players in the NBA?  Now he’s the weirdo who sprays stickum for no reason.

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