The Lakers beat the Warriors while wearing awesome socks

The worst Lakers team in history beat the best team in history. I could easily write 10,000 words on this, but instead I’ll leave you with these 10 takeaways:

The Kobe socks are awesome.
I love that the whole team wore them. The whole league should wear them the last day of the season.

The Warriors only lose to bad teams.
The teams that have beat the Warriors have a combined record of 160-216, with only two teams over .500. The Lakers, Bucks, Pistons, and Nuggets have done what the Clippers, Thunder, Spurs, and Cavs have not.

Marcelo Huertas almost had a double-double.
There is not much to say here. He’s averaging 3.2 pts/game and 2.6 ast/game. The same guy who did this had 10 points and 9 assists against the best team in the world.

The Lakers held the Dubs under 100 points.
The Lakers give up over 107 points/game, good for third worst in the league. The Warriors score over 115 points/game, far away ahead of anyone else in the league, and had only scored under the century mark four times in the first sixty games of the season. Yeah, not much to say here either. Golden State was 1-10 from three early and never really got in their groove, finishing 4-30 on the afternoon. Yikes.

Jordan Clarkson needs to be re-signed.
He has become a really good player. He is a confident scorer, and I fully believe that he can run this team in the future. Re-signing him in the offseason should be a top priority.

Steph only had 18 points.
Curry shooting 1-10 from three and finishing with only 18 points is not sustainable. Sorry, other teams who want to beat the Warriors; hoping for this to happen again is not a valid defensive strategy.


D’Angelo Russell has ice in his veins.
For some odd reason, Byron Scott decided not to start Russell for the majority of the season. Thankfully, this didn’t hurt the man’s confidence. And if it did, he isn’t showing it. The second pick in the draft is never afraid to put up a shot and hit three more huge shots during the Lakers big second quarter run.

Julius Randle is a machine.
This man continues to have a great second rookie season. He has become a consistent double-double, and I can only imagine how dynamic he’ll be once he gets some more confidence in his outside shot.

Nance dunked and Russell danced.
Larry Nance, Jr. is an awesome dunker and D’Angelo Russell is an awesome dancer.

Kobe is still a competitive son of a bitch.
This game meant a lot to him, and it was easy to tell. You know it has to be killing Kobe to watch this team every night. Yes, he is trying to enjoy the farewell tour, but you know he’d rather go out on top. He gave his all with one arm for awhile and then cheered like hell with a mountain of ice packs on his shoulder. This team played hard for him and that’s awesome.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this game. I want the Warriors to break the wins record and I need the Lakers to get a top three pick, but it was still hard to not enjoy this game. The Warriors will still win everything and the Lakers still stink for now, but the future is bright in Hollywood.

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