Mo Speights did things last night

Marreese Speights is an NBA cult classic. Under appreciated and underrated by the masses, but loved and cherished by the creative and passionate few. With his Warriors on the verge of tying the all-time home winning streak, Mo Buckets put on an Oscar-worthy performance. Best Player in a Supporting Role. 12 minutes, 10 points, 4 rebounds, 1 ridiculous assist, and 2 huge threes.

He started off by hitting his first three pointer as the Dubs tried to build a comfortable first half lead. Steph couldn’t contain his laughter/excitement:

But it’s what he did during a tight 2nd half that left us with nothing to do but stand and applaud the greatness. First, this bullet of a pass that had Chip Kelly and the 49ers picking up the phone:

Followed up by a huge three to spark a familiar 4th quarter run by the reserves:

With the table set, the starters came back in and closed out the victory, tying the ’94-’96 Chicago Bulls with their 44th straight home win. 55-5.

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