How the hell are you supposed to beat the Warriors

It’s now been a few days since since Steph Curry made us impossibly drop our jaws yet again. To quickly recap – in a game that I’m calling the “How the Hell are you Supposed to Beat the Warriors Game” -OKC had multiple double digit leads and looked to be inching towards a signature home win. Then the best shooter in the world decided to hobble out of the locker room to score 31 points in the final 22 minutes of game time.  Yadda yadda yadda, the Warriors are now 53-5.

It’s becoming ridiculous, but it’s also starting to becoming expected. As I sat there and watched the Thunder and their raucous crowd continually punch the Dubs in the face, I couldn’t stop thinking that the Warriors still had the game in the bag. Those thoughts shouldn’t happen in a game that includes two perennial MVP candidates on their home court playing out of their minds.


So, how the hell are you supposed to beat the Warriors? Who knows and who cares; it’s not going to happen. This team will lose another couple games this year (maybe?), but just try to imagine someone taking four of seven against them. It’s not going to happen.

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