Crazy Warriors Stats

I was watching SportsCenter last night and heard someone say that Steph Curry has a better shooting percentage from 35 feet than three entire NBA teams have from the FREE THROW LINE. Now, I’m not sure how accurate this is, but it got me thinking about how many crazy stats have been shared about this all time team:

NBA player stats on shots from beyond 28 feet:

The “Most 3s made this year” stat below gets more absurd every time I look at it. I know the Warriors have played more road games than most teams but come on, this is still nuts. Did you notice who player two is on this list? Yeah, same team. Steph is that far ahead of everybody else AND has the second best three point shooter in the league stealing shots from him. Insane:

Fifteen or twenty point leads are never safe in the NBA. This is part of what makes every game so much fun. You’ve probably heard this before, but this stat is just stupid:

Watching the game the other night, I kept thinking about how poorly Draymond seemed to be playing. Then the game ended, and I saw his stat line. The silent (nobody has ever called Draymond silent, I know) killer:


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